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What we did

Campaign value proposition
New graduates engagement campaign
Digital marketing

Competition to recruit the best and brightest graduates is fierce, not just between the big four accounting firms but also other financial and technology employers. Accounting firms also face concerns about long working hours, job satisfaction and life-work balance. Alchemy’s task was to use KPMG’s global proposition of ‘Extraordinary’, a much over used superlative, to create a recruitment campaign that enables KPMG to stand-out and create interest and applications from the best graduates.

We achieved this by turning the focus away from KPMG as an extraordinary employer as it had been used in the past, to the graduates themselves and what it is that makes each of them extraordinary individuals in their own ways. The on-line campaign asked “Are you extraordinary?” as the central thought. Individual examples demonstrated the different ways in which KPMG professionals are extraordinary in their everyday lives.

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