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Hangzhou Kerry Centre


Kerry Properties

What we did

Ethnographic market research
Brand Strategy & positioning
Identity design
Digital experience
Pre-launch creative campaign
Launch campaign

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Hangzhou is China’s ancient capital and the cradle of its civilisation. Made internationally famous by Marco-polo, Hangzhou is the origin of China’s finest tea, silk and authentic Han cuisine. For centuries it remained proud and insular, but in recent times it has been overshadowed by its bigger, faster growing, glitzy neighbour Shanghai, just a short 40 minute high-speed rail journey away.

Kerry Hangzhou sought to position itself as the city’s new, premium, mixed-use development. Rather than play Shanghai’s by game, we chose instead to compete by emphasising to the authentic and unique Hangzhou culture, by contrast to the short history of Shanghai. We did this by showcasing the beauty and originality of Hangzhou culture and celebrating how it shines out from within in every aspect.

With this focus on the authentic and traditional, Kerry Hangzhou quickly established itself as the preferred shopping, dining and entertainment destination for the city’s affluent residents. It has also succeeded in drawing visitors from across China and Asia, as well as repeat tourists and visitors from Shanghai.

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